How FliP U works for you

Speaking & Workshops

Engage us to speak at your next conference, offsite, book club, or other learning experience. We love interactive, inventive, pracademic learning with real takeaways, so that’s what we do. Sessions from 60 minutes to multi-day on topics including: followership, leadership, collaboration, decision making, change, agility, neuroscience at work, creativity and teams.

Coaching & Consulting

Engage us for uniquely valuable coaching and consulting on leadership AND followership. We have particular expertise with top talent, onboarding, technical professionals, and entrepreneurs. We would love to help you adopt partner-centric concepts into your organization, and adapt and enrich what you've already been doing in leadership and organizational development programs.

Online Learning

We offer webinars, podcasts and highly interactive, social micro-learning courses with learning segments of ten minutes or less. These micro-lessons are chock-full of quirky bits and surprises to engage in, contribute to, and learn from - quizzes, cases, self-reflections, assessments, experiments, 7-day challenges, group discussions, and more!

Make the journey awesome

Get in touch for team, organizational and association learning options. We recognize that each engagement is unique and special so talk to us about what’s possible.


Our Online Courses


Followership: The F-word that complements leadership

Imagine you had a secret formula that supercharged your career, enabling you to make your voice heard, create more value, and take charge of your organizational destiny. Step into your most confident, influential self and help those around you be better leaders, collaborators and partners.

  • Cultivate your collaborative skills
  • Boost your leadership potential and be seen as a more valuable contributor
  • Increase your leadership capacity and the value you bring to your team

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The Personal value of followership

Managing assumptions about you


Being a leader people WANT to follow

This course evolves thinking from leader-centric to partner-centric. And, unlike many leadership courses, this is not about self-help: it is a skill-building course on how to be a great leader of others! Because you’re not leading if no one is following.

  • Step into your best leadership self and bring out the best in everyone
  • Be easy to follow
  • Learn to apply the most important leadership techniques

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Who's got the ball?

A cautionary tale


The FliPsides of collaborative decision making

Are you on a mission for better, more collaborative decision making, to boldly go where no one has gone before? This course uniquely teaches the neuroscience of decision making, how to be an invaluable decision making partner AND how to lead a collaborative team and make higher quality decisions.

  • Learn and apply the latest neuroscience research to become a wise and invaluable advisor
  • Lead a collaborative decision making process that engages the whole team and harnesses the most value and collective intelligence from your crew
  • Gain commitment for decisions and speed up implementation

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Kirk vs. Spock

Gain new perspectives


Emotional Intelligence: Make deeper connections

In this age of artificial intelligence, it’s becoming MORE not less important for people to connect quickly with others – whether clients or colleagues. Learn how to see yourself and others with greater clarity, build faster rapport, stretch your comfort zone, and become an even more effective you.

  • Cultivate stronger relationships with clients, colleagues, and strategic partners
  • Make valuable use of the information conveyed through emotions
  • Deal with emotions – yours and others – more skillfully and effectively

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Truth or denial

The art of apologizing